Stacey Yalenti Equine Accountant
Stacey Yalenti Horse Accountant


Does your accountant know the horse industry?

We do!  

We are your Equine Accountant

Equine accounting is a specialty and the industry does not have nearly enough professionals practicing as equine accountants. Abby Road Group is structured using cloud based technologies to service equine businesses anywhere in the country. We want to help you run the best business you can and strenghen the equine industry as a whole.


Horses aren’t a hobby; they’re a lifestyle, a way of life… Our interaction with them allows us to learn about ourselves, teach and heal, but mostly they allow us to grow as individuals.  Like most horse-people, I don’t just want-but need- horses in my life.  If you were to ask me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up I would have responded with: “A cowgirl, horseback rider, or something to do with horses.”  

Taking my first riding lesson in 2nd grade, I honestly don’t remember life before horses. While growing up the rule in my house was; as long as I earned mostly A’s in school, I could “hang-out” and work at the barn in exchange for riding time.  As a youth, I was fortunate to spend a decade immersed in my horse-world, either competing or tagging along as a groom.  For me, nothing beats the smell of sweet grass, leather and shavings.

At age 30, I purchased my first horse, “Abby” (see the “meet Abby” section) and love the journey we’ve embarked upon. As an adult rider I struggled with fear, which was never present as a child-Oh the things we did as kids!

But, I’ve benefited from lessons with numerous great horsemen, representing a variety of disciplines, which results in a finer appreciation for the sport than I had as a child. I can truly say, I’ve learned at least one thing from every horse I have ridden and every trainer I have worked with.  As an adult I’m thankful to continue having horses play an active role in my life. I enjoy playing with babies at a friends breeding farm and continue taking lessons.   There is no doubt that horses will continue to be a part of my existence.

Combining accounting and business management with the equine industry for me is a utopia – like sweet grass, leather and shavings. We strive to offer the services you need and be your equine accountant.

Abby Road Group Equine Accountant

Stacey Yalenti, CPA, MSAC 

I am a certified public accountant and am proud to be among the elite group of CPAs who have passed the 4 part exam the first time. Since college I’ve logged over 20,000 hours practicing accounting and translating numbers for clients into a language they can understand.  During my tenure as a Property Management Company Controller, I managed the accounting and bookkeeping functions of 100 community associations.  Through well appointed procedures in the Accounting Department, the Property Managers and Boards of Directors were able to fulfill their rolls within the association armed with solid financial reporting, and more importantly, an understanding of what the numbers actually meant.

Abby Road Group

Abby Road Group was born from a need for knowledgeable accounting and bookkeeping services within the highly specialized equine industry. We possess not only good accounting and management skills, but also offer a lifetime of experience with horses! Few non-horse people understand and appreciate the subtleties of this industry, especially as it applies to financial management and tax planning.  Abby Road Group is here to help fill that niche and helping equine business owners succeed brings me a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction.